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The UVA Program

University of Virginia’s School of Engineering 

The University of Virginia offers undergraduate courses in:


To Apply:

  • Pursuing a BS in science or mathematics
  • Completion of foundational course work
  • Approval of the Dual Degree Advisor
  • Required GPA of 3.4 or higher (both in math and science courses and overall)
  • Completed 13 units at the University of Richmond 

Upon Acceptance

  • Upon acceptance, students may take courses at UVA at any point after the end of their sophomore year at Richmond, e.g. during a full-time junior year at UVA, during a full-time senior year at UVA, or as part of several semesters of “mixed” University of Richmond and UVA studies
  • Must complete all requirements for graduation in accordance with the University of Richmond.
    • A minimum of 26 units must be completed at the University of Richmond.  These 26 units must include all general education requirements
    • Additional units for graduation can be completed at the University of Richmond or UVA. 
    • Transfer credit for coursework completed at UVA must be preapproved